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The not-so-intimidating house symbols.

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Please, George R.R Martin, don’t kill him ):


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I sort of hate myself for posting this, but I couldn’t help it.

It’s the Game of Thrones opener. Sung by a cat.  

People seem to be universally upset by this, but I think he’ll be great.  For one thing:

Mance is a big man, long legged and lean, broad in the chest and shoulders. His once long brown hair is now gone mostly grey, laughter lines appear at the corner of his mouth. [1] He has a sharp face and shrewd brown eyes.[2] He is an unremarkable-looking man in his middle years, with a fondness for music.

He might be a little older than Mance, but not by much, and people are aging better nowadays anyway.  I think he’ll do fine.

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Aw, yay

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There’s one hell of a dragon egg hidden in Game of Thrones season one. Turns out one of the many heads on a spike decorating King’s Landing belonged to ex-president George Bush.


Courtesy of - Name of Thrones: Who Every Game of Thrones Character Is

Seriously dying here.






#Brienne has the coolest pet tbh 

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^ what she said

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Funny kid!

Emilia Clarke discusses “getting stuck to the loo,” among other things, in this short little cast video from GoT.